Our goal is to not promote any scams or projects which can negatively affect the industry and or individuals hence we will not reply to all applicants and may refuse you after a thorough screening process. Only the best projects will be approved by us to make sure our community and readers of BDNEWS can get the best content possible.

Our Marketing Options

Basic marketing

One off marketing – choose your add spot, budget and time scale and we will do the hard work for you

Focused marketing

We will help you design your graphics and promote you on all of our add spaces for an agreed amount of days to provide you the best chance possible to be recognised

Article marketing

A much more thorough vetting process will consists here but if accepted we will help you write an article and post on our site to help you deliver your vision to the whole industry with as much detail as possible

Tailored marketing campaign

We will work closely with the BlockDesk ventures team to help you design and manage a marketing campaign which will include business development, making connections to influencers, launchpads and other projects alongside our standard marketing services mentioned in the prior options.