BlockDesk Ventures makes a strategic investment into Ordify

Ordify presents a suite of meticulously crafted products designed to elevate your investment journey across various chains, featuring a launchpad, bridge, wallet, and a potential addition of further tools. Their core objective lies in expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem’s utility while ensuring inclusivity for all users. Exploring integration with BRC-20, Stacks, and rootstock layers, Ordify facilitates crowdfunding and development across diverse layers beyond the confines of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Ordify’s compatibility extends beyond Bitcoin layers to encompass EVM chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Syscoin and others. While their primary focus revolves around Bitcoin and crowdfunding for Bitcoin tokenized assets, the platform remains versatile, catering to a broader spectrum of opportunities.

BlockDesk Ventures has recently announced a strategic investment in Ordify, aiming to foster the development of activities on Bitcoin Layers 2 and 3.

Bitcoin Layer-2 solutions are off-chain protocols built atop the main blockchain to address scalability issues and reduce transaction bottlenecks. These solutions enhance throughput scalability, lower transaction fees, and support the development of entire ecosystems on separate blockchains. Unlike Layer 1 scaling, which improves the base blockchain layer’s protocol for speed and scalability, Layer 2 scaling involves building on top of the existing blockchain. Notable Layer-2 protocols for Bitcoin include Lightning Network, Rootstock, Stacks, Liquid Network, and rollups (validity and sovereign).

This investment and partnership will create opportunities for both parties, facilitating connections with projects poised to make a lasting positive impact on the blockchain industry. The objective is to unite projects and investors, focusing on new technologies and decentralized applications that enhance the utility of the BTC blockchain.

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