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DerpDEX, operating on zkSync, is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aiming to establish itself as the primary DEX for concentrated liquidity on L2 zkSync. The core vision of DerpDEX is to develop an automated market maker (AMM) that matches the performance of traditional market makers (MMs).

DerpDEX combines the best of web3: the perfect blend of “DeFi + memes + NFTs”  powering the meme movement on L2 zkSync network. By restoring the old glory of derps as internet sensations designed to entertain degens worldwide, we are making derps great again. And by harnessing the power of L2 zkSync, DerpDEX ensures lightning-fast transactions, low fees, increased scalability, making DerpDEX the go-to platform for fast execution and high-performance trading.  

Why DerpDEX

  • Superior Derp Market Making (DMM) Algorithm developed by seasoned derivatives trader, backtested and outperformed by up to 400% for LP vs regular AMMs.
  • Initial Derp Offering (IDO) launchpad focusing on new token launch to drive growth and TVL on DerpDEX
  • DeFi infrastructure tools, ie on-off ramps, to support any projects on DerpDEX
  • Latest web3 wallet infrastructure support; “Account Abstraction erc-4337”
  • End-to-end product, marketing, community and smart contract support for new project launch on DerpDEX on zkSync

DerpDEX is excited to announce the Beta Mainnet launch on zkSync Era on July 12, 2023, following a successful testnet release in mid-June. The testnet phase attracted over 25,000 users and witnessed a remarkable social growth of over 400%. This significant progress sets the stage for the much-anticipated Beta Mainnet launch of DerpDEX.

Main Features launching during Beta Mainnet: 

  1. Token swap

It allows users to exchange one ERC20 token for another ERC20 token based on the existing liquidity in the specific token pools.

  1. Provide liquidity using CLAMM

It is using a concentrated liquidity automated market maker that enhances capital efficiency with better UX and fee-adjusted pricing. This not only allows LPs to earn a higher return on their capital but also dramatically increases trade execution, which can now be comparable to or even surpass the quality of both centralized exchanges and stablecoin-focused AMMs.

  1. Smart routing

The smart router will find the best path among different pools and support multiple hops and route splitting to provide the best price with more efficient liquidity to users.

  1. DEX aggregator integration

This is another innovative idea that integrated DEX aggregator (1inch) in our DEX, to provide alternative trade routes for rare token assets, so users can always use our DEX to enjoy the lower slippage and cost efficient swaps from multiple liquidity sources. 

  1. Bridge

We integrated the native bridge that is a built-in smart contract on ZkSync on our portal, to facilitate the transfer of tokens between Ethereum (Layer 1) and ZkSync Era (Layer 2) without relying on centralized authorities or intermediaries. We also provide more custom ERC20 token options that are able to transfer by using our bridge.  

  1. Permit

It allows approvals to be shared across different smart contracts in a single transaction flow by sending a signature along with the transaction data for any token. So users can approve multiple tokens if the swap routes include multiple hops or routes with different tokens at a time.

  1. Analytics

The analytics provide more detailed data about liquidity pools and tokens and help keep track of the token and pool history easily.

DerpDEX has set its sights on an extraordinary goal—to become the very heartbeat of liquidity on the zkSync Era network. With a vision that is brimming with innovation and ambition, DerpDEX aims to create value by forging dynamic partnerships with emerging and established protocols. Together, we will tackle the challenges of kickstarting liquidity from scratch and overcoming the hurdles of launching new ventures. 

But that’s not all—DerpDEX is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that will revolutionize the cost of incentivizing liquidity in the long run. Prepare to witness a groundbreaking journey where the boundaries of possibility are shattered, as DerpDEX redefines the landscape of decentralized finance.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as DerpDEX gears up for the Beta Mainnet Launch! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are launching an electrifying campaign. Brace yourself for the chance to win an incredible $DERP token airdrop, with a whopping value of $150,000 up for grabs! 

Highlights of DerpDEX Beta Mainnet Campaign 

  • 1.5% of airdrop worth $150,000 allocated 
  • IDO whitelist allocation 
  • Exclusive DerpDEX Beta Mainnet launch NFTs

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