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Recently Solana has launched the pre-orders for their second Solana phone and this is one of the most hyped launches in the industry. Due to the the FREE airdrops which are given to all phone users the phones value has gone up on the secondary market and some of them are now going for around $2000 second hand!

Meme Tokens such as bonk and many more have been airdropped to phone holders and have made millions to the phone owners.


“We sold over 15,000 devices in a single astonishing day. It wasn’t our doing; it was the Solana developers who made it happen. Having these 20,000 devices in our users’ hands is a crucial milestone. We now have a community as sizable as some of the largest NFT projects, offering a fertile ground for developers to build and experiment with mobile. However, for the Solana ecosystem to truly embrace mobile and master its destiny, we need to aim much higher”

The future

The next phase depends on selling at least 100,000 units. With their community’s support, they have reached their minimum target of 100,000 units. Now actively working on Chapter 2 and anticipate shipping the product in the first half of 2025. They are still taking pre-orders, so, if you want to be part of history and challenge the app store duopoly.l

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