Edward Sirofsky of Blockdesk Joins Syscoin Team Ahead of Rollux Launch.

Bringing years of experience and a passion for blockchain, Edward Sirofsky is set to accelerate Syscoin’s growth as their new Innovations and Stakeholder Manager.

Syscoin, a seasoned and innovative blockchain platform, is preparing for significant expansion on the verge of the release of their innovative Layer 2 EVM scaling solution ( Rollux is the first EVM rollup platform to utilize a L1 data availability solution, PoDA, and Bitcoin’s PoW, to offer unparalleled speed, security decentralization, and affordability, opening the floodgates for new projects who wish to share these benefits by joining its fledgling ecosystem. In preparation for the wave of incoming projects and developers, the Syscoin Foundation is recruiting industry professionals like Sirofsky to help guide the expansion of their ecosystem.

Rollux represents a maturation in blockchain technology that is poised to not only unlock substantial growth for the Syscoin ecosystem, but also the wider industry as it removes many of the trade-offs that have been commonly associated with dapps up to this point.

In anticipation of this growth Syscoin has committed to further enhancing its infrastructure, support services, and resources to widen its competitive advantage.

Edward Sirofsky makes a compelling choice as Innovations and Stakeholder Manager given his impressive track record of collaborating with reputable blockchain projects, such as Peercoin, Primecoin, Seedify, and others. He will be instrumental in identifying opportunities and fostering strong relationships with both potential and acquired partners and developers. 

The release of Rollux reinforces Syscoin’s continuous commitment to deliver cutting-edge innovations since their founding in 2014. Keep an eye out for more exciting developments in the wake of the Rollux upgrade’s release as Syscoin continues to bear the fruit of advancing growth.

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