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Ferrum Network: Journey Towards Interoperability 2.0

Ferrum is a blockchain company that has been making waves in the Web3 community with its focus on interoperability. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Ferrum’s history, current projects, and future plans.

Ferrum was founded in 2019 and has since grown into a reputable company with a large ecosystem of partners known as the Iron Alliance. The company has created a suite of white-label staking-as-a-service solutions and has provided advisory services to many successful projects. The revenue generated from these products and services has allowed Ferrum to scale its team and buy back tokens, rather than having to sell them like many other Web3 projects.

Ferrum’s focus has now shifted to Interoperability 2.0, which involves the ability to move arbitrary information, data, and messaging across networks via their mainnet which is powered by a multichain messaging engine called Quantum Portal. Ferrum’s mainnet will enable multichain smart contracts and multichain dApps.

Phase 1 of Ferrum’s push toward true interoperability was the creation of the Ferrum Cross-chain Token Bridge. This product is evolving into phase 2 – a product called MultiSwap. MultiSwap is a smart routing multichain DEX aggregator that enables crosschain swaps, allowing users to swap any asset for any asset on any network to any wallet in just minutes. Phase 3 will be the launch of the Ferrum Network mainnet with multichain messaging engine, representing a huge leap forward in the evolution of blockchain interoperability. 

Ferrum Network is dedicated to bringing interoperability to the Web3 space. From its white-label staking solutions and other blockchain as a service products to its groundbreaking Multiswap and ultimately the Ferrum mainnet, Ferrum is poised to play a key role in the future of Web3. By not only allowing users to swap and trade any asset on any network easily but by enabling multichain Dapps and multichain smart contracts, Ferrum is consistently working toward reducing the layers of friction between users and Web3, enabling more people to participate in the decentralized economy.

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