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Today we interview Crypto Jack, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community since 2016. Known for his engaging Twitch streams Jack has made a name for himself by sharing his knowledge and insights on the industry with his followers. He is a Bitcoin supporter and uses technical analysis, with a strong focus on Wyckoff and identifying macroeconomic trends. His expertise in these areas has led to many successful predictions, earning him a reputation as a respected market analyst. Jack focuses on accumulating Bitcoin by trading alts and reverting back. Here is our interview with him:

1) How long have you been involved in the cryptocurrency market?
I’ve been involved since ~2016 when I was forced to use crypto for trading CSGO skins. At the time, I rose to be well-known within the niche community of CSGO traders. Near the end of my time in trading, I ended up selling a one-of-a-kind item for ~60 bitcoin (at the time when bitcoin was ~$500 each). My biggest crypto regret was how I IMMEDIATELY sold all the bitcoin to cash, not keeping a single one.

2) Can you tell me about your experience streaming on Twitch and the community you’ve built there?
I started streaming on twitch in late 2020 when I was convinced we were on the cusp of a bull run. I wanted to use charts & interact with chat to offer a unique experience that would encourage a back-and-forth, conversation-like setting. I pointed out things I thought were important & refused to bow to emotion at any point. The charts were (and still are) all I really care about.

3) How do you approach trading in the cryptocurrency market?
My goal is to build my bitcoin stack as big as possible. Moreover, I trade like I’m taking action using my kids’ inheritance. Each move it carefully weighed out & thoughtfully approached. Even when I’m convinced of what the charts are suggesting might happen next, I still immediately ask the question “What if I’m wrong?” as a way to look for what else might be brewing.
Additionally, I must say a great deal of my success has to do with pure technical analysis and looking at things through the lens of Wyckoff.

4) Can you explain your focus on technical analysis and the Wyckoff method?
Essentially, TA is all about identifiable trends on charts. I mainly focus on high time frames first to get an idea of what’s happening, then zoom in for a more nuanced analysis. Wyckoff is particularly powerful at assisting me in spotting “tops” and “bottoms” in macro markets.

5) Can you give an example of a successful macro move you’ve made in the past?
One of my most infamous macro calls was when I pointed out the “top” in the bitcoin market in the early 2021 market (the first top @ ~$65k). I tweeted about it as “proof” that this wasn’t some hindsight call. I was relatively unknown at the time. Here’s the tweet:

Similarly, I pointed out the similarity of the 2nd top to the 1st top and how this was also likely the end to the bull run:

I tend to view things in terms of trade ranges as well, which is helpful for macro expectations like here

Other Wyckoff-related calls can be found on trading view here:
[Eth bottom]
[Ada bottom]

6) What is your current strategy for investing in the cryptocurrency market during a bear market?
Right now, I have been DCA’ing primarily into BTC since ~$25k (after exiting all markets at ~$60k). As we move closer to the halving, I’ll be watching for Wyckoff setups on alts that would suggest powerful upward moves coming. Some already show something like this (like LTC), but I’d love to see just a bit more chart history before getting too excited.

7) Can you explain your stance on Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies in relation to Bitcoin?
My perspective is that BTC will be around for the next 100 years & is the gold standard for decentralization. I think it accomplishes all that it set out to be, which is NOT to be the next VISA or paypal.
Other coins like ETH, LTC, ADA (and on and on) have uses and will probably be around for a while, but I would never fool myself into thinking they’ll take the place of the “next bitcoin”.

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